lovelyjewelyorginazers_mix_match Jewelry Drawer Planner


If you aren’t certain which jewelry organizers will be right for your drawer and
your jewelry collection and don’t want to order jewelry organizers which might
not fit your jewelry nor your drawer, you can check out the How to Choose Guide
found on the How to Measure and Customize page.

OR  you can take advantage of a service Lovely Jewelry Organizers offers at no
charge to you. You can email us at or call us
at 877-280-3693  and give us the following information:

We will need two bits of information from you 

The interior size of your drawer or drawers
the width, the interior back to front measurement and the height of the drawer.

The  type of jewelry you wear and approximate amount.

  • necklaces, fine chain or clunky
  • rings – wide band or narrow band
  • earrings –stud or dangle
  • watches– bracelet, or strap or link
  • pins, pendants, charms
  • bracelets  bangle, cuff, or link
  • sunglasses 

Lovely Jewelry Organizers will take this information and layout your jewelry
drawer or drawers so you will have a visual of what each jewelry drawer will
look like.  We will email back to you your jewelry drawer ideas with pricing.

We look forward to working with you on organizing your jewelry drawers!