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Small Open Velvet Tray

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Large Velvet Tray

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2 Compartment Velvet Organizer

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5 Compartment Velvet Organizer

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My organizers are awesome…fit perfectly, look beautiful and I love that I can rearrange them so easily!  Thank you so much for providing such a great niche market item!!

Deb F


I love my new earring box. The depth is great and it fits perfectly. I am impressed with the quality – something that was surprising, especially because you never know what you’re going to get over the internet.

Kelly B


It’s wonderful. I’m so excited. There isn’t anything out there like this. So beautiful.

Anna R.


The boxes were a birthday gift for my wife and she loved them. It fit perfectly in the drawer and she was able to organize her jewelry beautifully. Thanks also for the fast shipping.

Michael D


Lovely Jewelry Organizers Offers

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Would you purchase a “one size fits all” anything?  Why is it that the majority of jewelry trays have a one size fits all format? Lovely Jewelry Organizers offers a way to place your organizer choices next to one another AND it looks like they were meant to be that way.
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Would you purchase a dozen oranges if you only needed six? When it comes to jewelry storage, we often have less of one type of jewelry and more of another. The one size fits all format does not have the flexibility to match your collection. Lovely Jewelry Organizers offers you flexibility to choose organizers which will match the types and amounts of each type in your collection.
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If you find a great earring organizer but that manufacturer does not have a great bracelet organizer so you find another manufacturer which does have an appropriate bracelet organizer. The problem is “the Look”. Your jewelry drawer looks like a hodge-podge. Lovely Jewelry Organizers offers uniformity and a custom . jewelry drawer look. You choose the jewelry organizers and the jewelry trays which suit your jewelry collection.  As the Lovely Jewelry trays and jewelry organizers fit so neatly next to one another, your jewelry drawer looks great. As one customer commented “ I open my jewelry drawer often just to look at it. I love seeing all my jewelry at once.”
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Have you ever been confused when purchasing jewelry storage trays and come home and it doesn’t fit your jewelry drawer or your jewelry? Lovely Jewelry Organizers offers a jewelry drawer design service. If you give us the interior dimensions of your drawer or drawers and some information about the type of jewelry you wish to store and the approximate amount of each type, we will do a configuration of your drawer or drawers using the Lovely Jewelry Organizers products.