A Unique Jewelry Storage System With Always A Custom Look

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If each of us has a different size drawer and different jewelry collection, how can Lovely Jewelry Organizers solve for all. It can solve for all because Lovely Jewelry Organizers was designed for our differences by using a unique system.

I think many of us have purchased a jewelry tray with set compartments. That is called a one size fits all. However, many times, it does not exactly fit our type of jewelry nor the amount of a certain type.


If on the other hand, you could select compartments which fit your earrings, other compartments which fit your necklaces, others which are best for your bracelets, and others which are for rings, you have selected those compartments which fit your collection AND have personalized your jewelry storage drawer.

You might even choose a drawer with only necklace compartments, or an entire drawer for earrings, or a drawer which has one half bracelets and one half necklaces, whichever organizers or trays you select from our product line, and place them next to one another in your drawer, your drawer will look like a custom designed jewelry drawer but it suits your own collection.



It works because ALL the products in the Lovely Jewelry Organizers product line, are sized to fit with each other. It doesn’t matter if it is an 18 compartment organizer, or a small open tray or a 5 compartment necklace organizer, a 2 compartment organizer, a 3 compartment organizer, a large open tray, or your drawer. As one customer commented “They are really beautiful and I love how you can “design” it yourself.

AAH, now we come to another unique feature which has to do with drawer size. What if after you place the organizers and trays together in your drawer, there is empty space in your drawer and you can see the bottom of your drawer showing. Hmm, that’s not great. Lovely Jewelry Organizers has a solution.


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We have a custom cut padded velvet drawer liner. If you wish to incorporate this product, it is custom cut TO FIT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR DRAWER. You tell us the interior dimensions of your drawer and we cut to those dimensions. (See How To Measure).

The other benefit of the padded drawer liner is that it transforms the empty space in your drawer into a new usable “compartment”.