Bonnie Cable

Founder and Designer of the Lovely Jewelry Organizer Concept.

My Story

If you are frustrated by the way you are storing your jewelry, you are not alone. As founder and designer of the Lovely Jewelry Organizer Concept, I was so frustrated and annoyed every time I opened my jewelry storage drawer,even though I had a big drawer and it had a preformed jewelry insert with compartments. I began to think about a customized jewelry organizer, but I still had a long way to go. The problem was that the compartments did not fit the type nor the amount of jewelry I wore and it had no open space where I could place large pouches or jewelers’ boxes. I wore, and still wear clunky necklaces, large band rings, necklaces with interchangeable pendants, bracelets of various types and sizes, watches both strap band and bracelet type, and very few earrings and very few narrow band rings, and very few fine chain necklaces. Every time I opened my jewelry storage drawer with the pre-formed one size fits all compartments, my jewelry which did not fit into the compartments sloshed around. One day I was so annoyed that I ripped out, and I do mean ripped out, because the glued down jewelry insert.  I went out and purchased multi-purpose plastic open trays, small and large.  I put my clunky necklaces in the larger trays and my bracelets in the smaller ones etc. It was better but my jewelry was not protected. So I added some fabric liners to the plastic boxes.  Better, but the fabric didn’t stay flat and, of course, the boxes didn’t fit together, and I could still see that ugly white drawer bottom.


The “A-Ha” moment came when I thought:

  • What if the jewelry storage trays fit together? That is, the outside dimensions of each tray could be placed next to one another and it looked like it was a custom arrangement.
  • What if the inside of each of these jewelry storage trays had various size compartments, i.e., an open jewelry storage tray,a two compartment jewelry organizer tray,a four compartment jewelry organizer tray, a five compartment jewelry organizer tray, a ten compartment jewelry organizer tray, and an eighteen compartment jewelry organizer tray?
  • What if you didn’t have to see the bottom of the jewelry drawer, but instead there were a drawer liner to match the various jewelry organizers and it were cut to fit the exact interior dimensions of the individual drawer?
  • What if you could choose the jewelry storage trays and jewelry organizers which fit exactly what YOU wore and you could place the jewelry storage trays and organizers on a liner to match and would fit the size of your drawer?
  • What if you could purposely have “open” space on your drawer liner which could accommodate extra long necklaces, or jewelers’ boxes or whatever you might want to place on a beautiful liner…which actually creates a new “compartment”?
  • What if this new jewelry storage system were portable and could be moved to your new house, placed in a safe, or taken to the mirror area when you are choosing what to wear?
  • What if the interior height of the drawer is high enough to be able to stack the jewelry organizers if you wish?
  • What if the color of the Lovely Jewelry Organizer System is as unique and its concept?  An identifiable deep luxurious dark brown velvet was carefully selected to complete the concept.