Design Help

Lovely Jewelry Organizers offers a complimentary design service. We take the guess work out of choosing just the right jewelry organizers and jewelry trays for your size drawer and your jewelry collection.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Measure the interior demensions of your drawer or drawers.

measure Design Help

  1. Tell us about the type of jewelry you wear and approximate amount of each type.
  • Rings Do you wear narrow band rings or wide band rings?
  • Earrings Do you wear dangle earrings or stud or clip on?
  • Necklaces Do you wear fine chain necklaces or clunky necklaces, or collar type?
  • Bracelets Do you wear bangle, link or cuff?
  • Watches Do you wear bracelet type or link or strap?
  • Pendants or Brooches Do you have pendants or brooches?
  1. .Fill out the form

Design Help

  • List the Type of Jewelry and the Amount of each you have.
  • Rings:

  • Earrings:

  • Necklaces:

  • Bracelets:

  • Watches:

We will get back to you with a jewelry layout for your drawer and type of jewelry. We will include prices. Thanks so much, BONNIE CABLE