Spending Wisely: Big Jewelry Budget or Small?

There’s no doubt about – trends change as time goes on and on, but jewelry is always a staple! When it comes to buying jewelry, there are a wide variety of options. From a cheaper pair of large dangling earring to an expensive pair of stunning diamonds, or from a chunky and trendy statement necklace, to a fine strand of timeless pearls, the process of purchasing jewelry can be a tedious one. While you may prefer the high quality and luster of expensive pieces, you don’t always have to go big. On the other hand, cheaper, more affordable jewelry may be ideal, but there are some instances when high spending is most preferred. How do you distinguish between the two? Check out these tips!

  • Changing Trends vs. Classic Pieces: If you’re shopping for a trendy piece, that is likely to go in and out of style, go cheap. Why? Because, as we know, trends change! On the other hand, there are some pieces that will never go out of style, such as a strand of pearls or a lovely set of diamond earrings. If you’re looking for a sparkling stud diamond set, the better option is to spend a bit more for the quality. They’ll last longer and carry you through the ages
  • Gifting: If you’re purchasing a strand of pearls for your wife, it may be wise to spend a bit more. Again, something as classic as pearls can be worn for ages and it is a better idea to buy a piece that will withstand the years to come!
  • One-time wear? Perhaps you’re searching or a necklace to go with a unique dress you’re wearing for a big event. If you’re not likely to wear the dress again, or, you’re not big on jewelry, don’t spend too much! After all, a one-time wear isn’t worth a jaw-dropping price. However, if you’re searching for a piece that you hope to get many uses out of, consider spending a bit more. It’ll last longer and sparkle through event after event!

And remember, no matter the quality or price of your jewelry, jewelry tray organizers help to keep your jewelry going for years to come!

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