Dressing Up With Professional Accessories

When it comes to professional wear, it’s easy to fall into the ho-hum of style. While there’s nothing better than a man in a crisp dress shirt and a handsome suit and tie, an accessory or two can really make professional style pop, setting you apart from an office of other professionally clad men.  Moreover, a simple touch of accessory allows you to add a touch of personality. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your professional look, consider these options:

Tie Bar: Tie bars have been in use since the 1930s and have more recently come back into style. A tie bar is a slim horizontal bar that clips your tie to your shirt. In addition to keeping your tie neat and orderly, this accessory adds a little shine to your suit and tie combo. Today, tie bars can be as simple as a single silver bar, or as intricate as a bar with a design or charm-like accent.

Cufflinks:  Cufflinks are used on dress shirts that have buttonholes on the sleeves. Primarily for accessory purpose, cufflinks come in a variety of styles and colors, adding a pop of personality to your professional wear. Cufflinks can be as simple as a single pair of silver circles, or as intricate the wearer’s initials, or an object to showcase a hobby, such as an anchor or a set of dice.

Tie Tack: Similar to a tie bar, a tie tack is used to keep your tie neat and orderly against your dress shirt. A tie tack is smaller than a tie bar, placed simply in the middle of the tie. Tie tacks, like the tie bar, can be as simply as a single round piece of silver, or as complex as including a monogram or intricate design. Tie tacks add a pop of professional shine without being too flashy.

So go ahead – accessorize your professional wear with a touch of personality. To keep your new items shiny, scuff-free, and lasting for as long as possible, invest in sturdy velvet lined jewelry trays! Not only will they keep your pieces looking professional and polished, but they’ll allow you keep them organized and easily in sight.

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