Necklines and Necklaces: Part One

There’s no doubt about it – a great necklace can truly make an outfit stand out! From a delicate chain with a simple little locket, to a chunky metallic piece, to a bold and bright statement necklace, there is no end to the options and styles. While having such variety can be fun and stylish, how do you wear each one successfully, without one overwhelming the other? Fortunately, there are some fairly simple guidelines to ensure that you perfectly pair your necklaces with their soul mate of a neckline. For an added bonus, we’ll discuss which jewelry drawer inserts are ideal for your chosen styles!

The V-Neck
V-necks are both flirty and bold, calling for a piece that accentuates the neckline without adding too much provocativeness. When it comes to V-necks, your neckwear should be long and dainty. Long and dainty chains are the perfect match for this neckline, offering just the right amount of sparkle without adding too much weight. One key of thumb is to keep the length of the necklace longer than the neckline drops. This allows the two to stand well on their own, without competing. Because v-necks call for delicate chains, and delicate chains tend to tangle rather easily, you’ll need jewelry drawer organizers that allow the necklaces to lay flat and apart from each other. Long compartment jewelry drawer inserts are ideal for doing just this!

The Crewneck
Crewnecks add just the right touch of tomboy charm, with the laid back style that we all love. Great as they are, they deserve a little necklace love! Crewneck-lines are ideal for a variety of necklaces. A fun and colorful bib-style necklace adds just the right amount of color and flair. A long chain necklace with an oversize charm adds drama and intrigue, sure to spark interest. Floral necklaces also pair perfectly with the styling of crewnecks, adding just a touch of girlish charm to the tomboy features of this neckline. When it comes to properly storing bib necklaces, long chain necklaces, and perhaps chunky floral necklaces, you’ll want jewelry drawer inserts that offer great variety. These necklaces are drastically different in their size and styling, so you’ll want jewelry drawer inserts that properly contain and separate them, such as a three or four-compartment organizer.

There you have it – part one of how to match your necklaces and necklines! Not quite sure how to match your sweetheart, scoop, boatneck, or high top necklines, and looking for ways to pair your jewelry with their appropriate jewelry drawer inserts? Stay tuned for Part Two!

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