Jewelry Through the Ages

Jewelry is a staple for so many of us all across the world. From a gorgeous beaded necklace, to an exquisite set of earrings, to a chunky bangle bracelet, there is no end to the style that jewelry can bring. The trend of adorning jewelry has existed for centuries, stemming into ancient eras and civilizations. While today, anybody, of any social status can be seen wearing stylish pieces, jewelry was once reserved for the highest of powers.

As far as we know today, the act of wearing jewelry dates back to about 75,000 years ago in prehistoric times. During this era, jewelry was made from the bones and hides of animals, as well as from natural elements, such as rocks, gems, and even berries and leaves. Jewelry was often worn to showcase a respect for the earth and for the animals that inhabit it. Because many of these items were delicate, they didn’t last too long. As time progressed, gems and precious stones were utilized to mark a sign of high status. Kings, queens, and members of the wealthy class wore such items to showcase their wealth and power.

As technology advanced and humans had more and more access to different materials, jewelry became a way to showcase self-expression and style. It is believed that this is how we came to be where we are today – wearing jewelry day after day without a second thought. More affordable pieces of jewelry have been crafted, in materials such as metals, plastics, and polished stones. The wide variety in jewelry today requires great care and maintenance. More affordable pieces should be kept separately from finer jewelry, in an effort to maintain luster and wear-ability. Today, we have the luxury of having a jewelry drawer organizer to do just that!

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