Fashionable Jewelry for the Fashionable Man

While the fashion industry is mostly female dominated, is does not mean that men cannot make a splash with their accessories. While we mostly think that men can only wear watches or cuff links it does not mean that they are limited to those two pieces. However, accessories such as these can bring a touch of personality and statement to any outfit. Additionally, they can dress-up or dress-down a specific look. For instance, cuff links can complete the look of a powerful business man while a woven leather band watch can make a suit and tie look a bit more relaxed.

As fabulous as cuff links and watches are, there are more accessories for men to wear – its 2015 and the possibilities are endless! With fashion week hot off the runway, one of the trends most seen for men incorporated a hardware-feel and antique vibes. Preppy looks turned a bit more masculine with hardware style necklaces and sporty attire can take a playful spin with regal-looking metal accessories.

As the forecasters wait for 2016, they do believe they will see an upward trend in male jewelry and accessories. That means more cuff links, watches, bracelets, and necklaces!  This fashion forecast means the need for top-notch jewelry tray organizers, perfect for keeping your jewelry and accessories beautiful for years to come. They are perfect for the simple watch and cufflink man or for the bold necklace wearing man.




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