Shine on, Gold Jewelry!

There’s nothing better than a gorgeous piece of gold jewelry. From a dainty chain necklace to a stunning set of dangling earrings, gold evokes a timeless sense of sophistication and charm. But the shine can’t last forever, especially if it’s a daily worn piece! Fortunately, it is possible to keep your gold jewelry glistening gold, year after year, especially with the use of a great velvet jewelry tray. Check out these tips for keeping your gold shining and sparkling for as long as possible.

Wear With Care:
Before we get down to proper cleaning and storage, let’s talk about how to maintain the overall look and quality! A good rule of thumb is that your gold jewelry, whether a necklace, ring, or earrings, should be the last thing you put on in the morning (after you’ve washed your face, brushed your teeth, and have gotten ready for the day) and the first thing you take off at night (before washing your face, brushing your teeth, and getting ready for bed). These steps will ensure that you avoid getting your jewelry wet, tangled, or lost. Whenever you’re not wearing your jewelry, be sure to keep it safe in a reliable velvet jewelry tray so that again, it avoids getting tangled or lost.

Cleaning your Gold:
While you certainly don’t want to wear your gold jewelry while doing dished, you DO want it clean it properly! Fortunately, cleaning your gold jewelry does not require a great deal of resources. Make a simple mixture of dish soap and water. Soak your gold pieces for about two hours and gently scrub with a soft, unused toothbrush. Rinse with warm water and dry completely with a soft cloth. Finish by polishing up with a jewelry cloth.

Give your Gold a Rest:
While you may be inclined to reach for your gorgeous gold day after day, it is wise to wear it only on special occasions or on days when you won’t be doing too much running around. If you’re going to work at a desk most of the day, your gold should be fine, but if you’re running errands all day, give your gold a rest on a fabulous velvet jewelry tray! You should also remove your precious jewelry if you will be doing lots of chores. Don’t wash your dishes in that gorgeous ring! Whenever you’re not wearing your gold, store it safely and keep track of its whereabouts by utilizing a velvet jewelry tray.

There’s no end to the joy that a fabulous piece of gold jewelry can bring. That is, unless you don’t take proper care! With these tips, and a reliable velvet jewelry tray on hand, rest assured your gold with glisten for years to come!

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