The Basics of Traveling with Jewelry

Imagine arriving at your luxurious beach or lake house, unpacking for a week of restaurants, socializing and outings, only to find that your favorite statement necklace is twisted and tangled, and ultimately un-wearable. Now imagine coming home from your trip only to find that you’ve lost one of your favorite pearl earnings.

No matter what your travel fantasies entail, you don’t want to leave your favorite pieces of jewelry behind, but you also don’t want to tangle, destroy, or lose them in transit! That’s where proper travel packing and a top-notch jewelry organizer come in. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to ensure that your jewelry remains gorgeous, safe, and organized during your travel endeavors!


  1. Plastic straws to keep your necklaces from tangling. String one end of your necklace through a plastic straw and clasp the necklace so that the straw remains on your necklace through travel. Think of it as a large bead! This will ensure that your necklaces do not bend, snap, or tangle!


  1. Buttons to keep earring sets together. Simply clasp each earring through the hole of a button. This ensures that your precious pieces will stay together and that you have an overall easier time keeping track of your fine jewels!


  1. A pill case to keep your jewelry organized during travel. Pill cases are great for travel because they provide compartments to separate your pieces, keeping them tangle-free. A pill case can also help you to plan out what you’re going to wear each day of the week!


  1. Toilet paper rolls. These clever rolls can be used to pack just about each piece of jewelry you may own. String your necklaces through (similar to the straw method), clasp your earings through the cardboard to keep track of them, place bracelets around the roll to keep them from tangling.


  1. A velvet jewelry organizer. This ensures that your jewelry lies against a soft surface – one that won’t lead to bends or scuffs. A jewelry organizer is specifically made to protect your jewelry, so placing your jewelry inside will ensure that your jewels remains beautiful and unharmed, even after a day of traveling! Additionally, while you’re staying in your luxurious vacation hotel, home or rental, a jewelry organizer will help you to keep your jewelry just as organized as it is at home!


A relaxing and fun vacation is the perfect time to show of your beautiful jewelry. Ensure successful and safe travel for your fine jewelry with these packing tips and with a jewelry organizer customized for your needs!

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