De-clutter and Beautify Your Jewelry

Take a look at your jewelry collection. Notice each piece. How often do you really wear that large purple-gem cocktail ring? When is the last time you wore that multi-colored 18” beaded necklace with a damaged clasp? As you probably know, organization is one of the best ways to keep your jewelry looking its best and to keep it from damage. But a fully-stocked collection of jewelry organizers, drawers, or jewelry boxes can be overwhelming! With a never-ending collection of necklaces, bracelets, earing, and more, where do you even begin in the process of jewelry organization? It’s time to de-clutter!

De-cluttering your jewelry means getting rid of those pieces that you never wear so that your jewelry organizers contain only pieces that you truly love and reach for time and time again. This may seem like a daunting task, but with these steps, it’s easier than ever!

1. Completely empty your jewelry organizers and your jewelry box and line each piece on a flat surface. This allows you visually see each item that you own. You may want to place all of the necklaces together, all of the rings together, all of the bracelets together, and so and so forth. Immediately, you’ll probably take note of those pieces that you love and notice a few pieces that you forgot you even had!

2. Organize your jewelry organizers into three separate categories: pieces of jewelry that you regularly wear, pieces that you occasionally wear, and pieces that you rarely wear/forgot you had.

3. Go through each piece of jewelry and place it in one of the three jewelry organizers. If there’s a necklace you wear frequently, place it in the “regularly wear” category. If there’s a ring you completely forgot about, place it in the “never wear” box, and so on and so forth.

4. Once you have each piece in one of the designated jewelry organizers, go through each individual box to assess which pieces you absolutely MUST keep and which aren’t quite as necessary for your collection. Chances are, you’ll be keeping everything in the “always wear” category. Chances are, you can rid of the pieces in the “never wear” category!

5. Once you’ve designated which pieces you are willing to rid of, consider how you will rid of it. If it is a precious piece, you may consider selling to a local jeweler. If it’s a cheaper piece, you may consider donating. If it’s broken, you may simply consider tossing it in the trash.

6. Now that you’ve assessed which piece to keep, organize your jewelry into your jewelry organizers to keep them glistening, safe, and gorgeous!

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