A Unique Jewelry Storage System With Always A Custom Look


With Lovely Jewelry Organizers you have flexibility to choose just those jewelry trays which match the types of jewelry and the amount of each type you wish to store.

Lovely Jewelry Organizers also offers:

Help with choosing just the right organizers or trays for your collection in our complimentary design service and padded velvet liner cut to the interior dimensions of your drawer or drawers.


“I just wanted to tell you how THRILLED I am with the drawer jewelry design and installation. I love it, it’s beautiful and fits perfectly! It is exactly what I was looking for, and beyond. The craftsmanship is superb, and your design is fabulous. I couldn’t be happier, and want to thank you so very, very much.  I am spreading the word.”
Patti A, Carmel, CA

“My organizers are awesome, fit perfectly..look beautiful and I love that I can rearrange them so easily. Thank you so much for providing a great niche market item”
Deb F, Austin TX

“I love your product. It’s just perfect!”

It’s wonderful, I’m so excited. There isn’t anything out there like this.  So beautiful.”
Anna R, WA

“I had to research and research until I found you. The quality is there and the flexibility is there. I love it!!”
Lara C, Interior Designer Miami, Fla and New York

“The boxes were a birthday gift for my wife and she loved them. It fit perfectly in the drawer and she was able to organize her jewelry beautifully. Thanks also for the fast shipping.”
Michael, AL

“These boxes are wonderful – better than anything out there – they are the Tiffany of organizers.”